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En surfer holder en wing i hånden og surfer på sit bræt.


The trend sport of wingsurfing is a mixture of classic windsurfing and kitesurfing, where you move on a SUP-like board with the help of a sail, the wing. In our wingsurfing course, you can try out and learn wing surfing easily and without risk. Our courses take place in a large standing area and in small groups. If you have any questions about wingsurfing and our courses, please get in touchFurther down on this page you will also find answers to frequently asked questions about wingsurfing, which may already help you.


In our wingsurf basic course, you will first learn how to use the wing correctly before you surf the first few meters on the water with the wing and board.


The course takes place in small groups of a maximum of 3 participants per instructor. The course price includes all the equipment you need for your wingsurfing course.


  • 90 minutter / course


The price includes

  • wing and board

  • wetsuit

  • life jacket

  • instructor


Price per person

 500 DKK / 68 € 

Please note: As kitesurfing is a weather-dependent sport, you will have to specify your period of stay and a preferred start date for the course when booking. We will inform you of the actual start time of your course (day and time) as soon as your booking has been confirmed.

*The course price is due at the time of booking. If you would like to send us a non-binding booking, please use the "inquiry" button.

Do you need help?

Do you have questions about wingsurfing or our courses?


We are happy to help you!

email us

or just call us

+45 50 33 12 99

Frequently Asked Questions about Wingsurfing

What is wingsurfing?

Wingsurfing is an exhilarating water sport that combines elements of both windsurfing and kitesurfing. Unlike windsurfing, where the sail is attached to the board via a mast, or kitesurfing, where the sail is attached to the surfer via a harness, the wingsurfer holds the wing in their hands. By properly positioning the wing, the surfer generates both lift and propulsion, allowing them to get the surfboard moving. 

What equipment do I need to participate in a wingsurfing course at your watersports school?

For the wingsurfing course, you will be provided with all necessary equipment by us, including a wetsuit, a life jacket, the wing, and the board. All you need to bring yourself is swimwear, a towel, and sufficient sun protection (sunglasses, headgear, sunscreen). 

Can children participate in a wingsurfing course?

Wingsurfing is the perfect introductory sport for children, as it is very safe and easy to learn. The only requirement for participation in our wingsurfing course is that children must be able to swim. 

Do you also offer wing-foiling courses?

Currently, we only offer wingsurfing courses at our surf school. Nakskov Fjord is a partially very shallow surfing area, making it better suited for wingsurfing than wing-foiling.

What are the benefits of learning wingsurfing first if my actual goal is to learn wing-foiling?

Learning wingsurfing provides a perfect foundation for subsequently learning wing-foiling. You will learn the correct and safe handling of the wing, as well as surfing on different courses and performing tacks and jibes. These skills are fundamental to successfully continue with wing-foiling afterward.

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